Monday, March 24, 2008

The first show

- photo by Brandy Rettig->

Well it's approximately a year later and the band has gone through some changes.
First of all, Eric Akre has replaced Steve Weide on drums. Steve wanted to pursue playing bass and Eric came on board in October. Eric is really laying down the sounds that I was looking for in a drummer, (no easy shoes to fill as I have really high standards for a rhythm section, being a drummer in the past in H-Hour).

Eric has risen to my expectations and Peg is just a solid on bass guitar. Peg is happy since her Emperor Cabinets have arrived and they sure do move the air and they sound like earthquake made musical!

The first show went well. We opened for three great bands at the El Corazon. The crowd reaction was enthusiastic and the Brothers were well received. Then our new friends INDIAN from Chicago went on and the obvious thing to comment on with INDIAN is that the drummer rocked! He had a real distinct style to his drumming and the best way that I can describe it is that he played his parts and drummed like every fiber of his being was focused on throttling the grove and playing as if it were his only purpose in the entire universe. Needless to say visually he was amazing as well; snot and saliva brimming from his nose and mouth. This guy is the real deal. Many people call or label themselves as punk or hardcore and try to dress or look the part and although this fellow is indefinable this guy IS PUNK. I am not trying to pigeonhole him either. It's a true thing of beauty to witness. In a day and age when people try too hard to be different and often abandon themselves in the process this drummer totally being himself is a beacon in the ocean of attitude and visual clones. Enough said. -You can see pictures of the show here from Bridget-

Then came MIDDAN of Oregon. Anyone who knows me has heard me jabber on and on about this band and Mike Scheidt's previous band YOB have been subjected to endless praise and respect for these to bands. MIDDIAN, as usual, crushed and their set was incredible. Will, Scott and Mike are one of the few three-piece bands that pull off being a three piece. Mike plays guitar that sounds like two people playing and that doesn't mean that he is an "athletic player" either. Will sounds huge as ever with his finger playing and vintage acoustic bass amp through a set of Emperor Cabs. Will being a awesome guitar player himself is no four stringed guitar player. Scott pummels the riff and makes it look so easy.

Next came the Bay Area's ASUNDER and all that I knew about this band was what I had researched online. There sound is very unique and I loved all of the harmonized guitars. I spoke for a while with a fan of the band after their set and he shared with me that the first time he heard ASUNDER was on the radio and it blew his mind and he actually had to pull over to devote his listening attention to the 10 minute plus song that he heard. I love when people are moved by music so much that it becomes really important.