Friday, June 29, 2007

The new project

I am pleased to announce that the new band is coming together and here is the line up so far:
Steve Weiderhold (The original TAD drummer. Steve played on God’s Balls, Salt Lick, and 8-Way Santa CDs and was the mastermind of FOIL, Steve’s project from a few years ago) is on Drums.
Pegadeth (formerly of San Diego punk scene NOISE GOD and INCITING RIOTS and also was around in various projects in the mid 80s D.C. punk scene) is on Bass.
Tad Doyle is on Guitar and vocals and electronic manipulations.

We are having our first formal rehearsal this weekend in the room that we sound proofed thanks to our friend Danny S. carpenter extraordinaire. We are looking forward to what is to come.

We are not sure what to name the project but if there are any suggestions please send them our way. Until then you can visit for a taste of the songs in their raw stage. Don't be fooled by the names of the band members, they are just alias' for yours truly. There are three sample demos that I played all of the instruments on and recorded them here at Studio Witch Ape. For now we are calling ourselves Brothers of the Sonic Cloth.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Takeovers

It's almost halfway through 2007 and life is good. Check out The Takeovers and their new CD entitled "Bad Football". If you like early Bowie (I sure do)then this the ticket. These guys are really talented and fun and they rock.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Drummers Part 2

So there are two candidates for drummer for the new project. One, is longtime friend and the first TAD drummer Steve Weiderhold. Steve has also been involved with FOIL and his newest band HELLEN BACK. Steve, as of the writing of this post, finished recording with HB last weekend. He is in good spirits and I feel very confident in his abilities as a drummer as well as a guitar player (of which he has been playing lately).

The other prospect is a fellow whom I met at a wholesale food and general equipment store where he works. Sean came up to me while I was in the checkout line and asked to see my membership card. I thought to myself as he perused the information on the card that he was going to streamline my stay at said wholesale outlet so I could get out of the establishment to enjoy the rest of my weekend. Then he looked up at me while still holding the card and asked if I was Tad Doyle, to which I replied that I was indeed. He started smiling excitedly exclaimed that he was a fan and said that he plays drums and that he is really good. I liked the attitude and confidence that he has of his abilities and energy that he expressed this.

I am still looking but I think that this is a good indication of things to come. Maybe Steve will be joining me on guitar and Sean will be the drummer.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Coming Soon

After the breakup of the band TAD I took some time off from music to purge that which was not useful to me anymore. This lead to a personal catharsis of the mind and body and soul. After Hog Molly broke up and the short-lived HOOF (one of my side projects with some old and new friends)It has been quite a while since I have played music live. To all of the TAD and Hog Molly fans out there I am grateful and have some good news for you.

I am putting together a new project and am currently looking for a drummer. If you are familiar with the dark side of metal and rock music or are ready to delve into this realm to blaze some new trails in the heavy music area and are rock solid please contact me on the blog.