Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rabby the cross-eyed fungus licker and the attack of the Dingus Faddiddle Whapper Ponjos in SNOWPOCALYPSE 2008

So, I took my lovely wife to work today and got stuck in the snow on the way back to the house after dropping by work.. There was no one at work so I thought it better than to freeze my ass off at the 30 degree Fahrenheit office. In a day where there is snow (here in Seattle the locals aren't used to snow that the rest of the nation gets dumped with every year) I thought it wise to get home and off the roads and see what the developments are here in Snowpocalypse 2008 as one of my favorite morning radio show hosts dubbed this weather. Upon arriving home I thought it might be fun to let our cats out to see what they think of Snowpocalypse 2008. So here it is. A video of our cat Bear in the snow.

So, there you have it. Gray Snow Puma in the snow. It doesn't get anymore exciting than this!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tribute to a friend

I wrote this little ditty about our cat that passed away in April 2008. Although the song was written in 2006 a year or so before the little fellow died. Recorded at Studio Witch Ape. Peggy played bass and acoustic guitar and sang, I played the percussion items and electric guitar and sang and our good friend Seven played lead guitar.
It is a fun little remembrace of the one we called Kyuss aka the Puppy Bear, Ding Dong, Monkey Elvis, Phuqoeh, Kee-oos, fluffy nuts, Lord of the Mieses, The Great Desert Puma, Snackazoid, Kyussy-Moto and many other aliases too many to list here. We love you and miss you Kyuss.

Click here for the song and download the mp3 if you like.