Monday, June 2, 2008

The Brothers (aka BOTSC) play 6/6/2008

On Friday 6/6/2008 Brothers of the Sonic Cloth will be playing the middle stot at the Jules Maes Saloon in Seattle's Georgtown on Airport Way. Hollywood Lightweights and Madraso will be playing too. We are really looking forward to this show because we are getting really tight and playing the songs well and also because I will get to see my former band mate Mike Mongrain (playing drums for Hollywood Lightweights now and Mike was the last TAD drummer), even though Mike and I live in the same city, we don't have that much extra time to see each other. Also, it's going to be fun as hell to finally see Madraso. Peg and I went to see Madraso last year and were disapointed to find out that we just missed them play.


fred said...

If you ever decide to come through the Maryland area, come play live on the air at WMUC

Ethan S. said...

Tad, I just got a chance to watch "Busted Circuits Ringing Ears" yesterday, and in my rekindled excitement for your music also just stumbled across this blog. The documentary and the music in it were awesome, and I wanted to pop in to say how cool it is that you're out there with a band, psyched about playing music again.

I missed this show on the 6th (seattle born and bred), but hopefully will have a chance to catch the brothers sometime soon.

PS- Just a thank you for all the records you guys made and the shows you guys played as TAD. A true inspiration.

Tad Doyle said...

Thanks Ethan! We are happy to be making music brother.

LV said...

it is a real treat to rediscover your music, the Tad effect is oceanic, let's hope you wash up on european shores sometime wishes, love and happy bbqness!

Tad Doyle said...

Thanks lv! It would be great to come play in Europe again. It will have been almost 11 years since I last was in Europe. I have a feeling that I will have a new found appreciation for Europe.