Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tribute to a friend

I wrote this little ditty about our cat that passed away in April 2008. Although the song was written in 2006 a year or so before the little fellow died. Recorded at Studio Witch Ape. Peggy played bass and acoustic guitar and sang, I played the percussion items and electric guitar and sang and our good friend Seven played lead guitar.
It is a fun little remembrace of the one we called Kyuss aka the Puppy Bear, Ding Dong, Monkey Elvis, Phuqoeh, Kee-oos, fluffy nuts, Lord of the Mieses, The Great Desert Puma, Snackazoid, Kyussy-Moto and many other aliases too many to list here. We love you and miss you Kyuss.

Click here for the song and download the mp3 if you like.


fred said...

Hahaha---this is awesome.

Anonymous said...

René from Germany here,

sad to hear that your little(?!) furry friend is no longer with us, but I guess he lived a full life as a cat-mehtusalem and probably as the rockingest cat you'd ever known, "Kyuss" is pretty self-explanatory.

I have had some furry friends as well years ago and they brought many moments of joy and amazement to my life.
Gonna listen to your ditty after my writing here.

Anyway, despite of the snow overkill you have up there (whish I could have tiny bits of it around here), my best wishes for this X-Mass thingy and a great 2009 for you and Peggy.


Jeff said...

Thanks for posting the track...confirms my belief that the Best People are often Cat People (in addition to whatever other animal company they keep).

All the best for '09.