Friday, January 30, 2009

Recording Requin

We have been very busy busy busy indeed. I have been engineering a recording for a band that is best described as a modern day Black Flag with excellent discordal stabs not unlike a school of Le grande Requin Blanc (aka Carcharodon carcharias) Ravenously voracité du bas ventre du schlok de corporation faible et banal que la plupart des personnes écoutent sur la radio et sont heureuses avec être gavé le PAP luisant et impuissant.

Espanol: Voraz voracidad del bajo vientre del schlok corporativo débil y sin inspiración que la mayoría de la gente escucha en la radio y es feliz con force-fed el pap pulido e impotente.

English: ravenously devouring the underbelly of the weak and uninspired corporate schlok that most people listen to on the radio and are happy with being force-fed slick and impotent pap.

Yes.... This band's sound is muy agresivo and that is why it needs to be written three times and in three different languages. As our friend Goodie says, "Requin is bitchin'.... F*ck it, let's have a beer."

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Ortolan said...

— Thanx so much for this post and the wondrous work you are doing for us in the studio this week and next!

: )