Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I have been listening to

1. "Planet of the Apes original 1968 soundtrack" composed by Jerry Goldsmith Amazing textures and killer percussion with primitive motifs. Goldsmith is a master in his use of silence as a part of the music. This has been a mainstay lately.

2. Yob - "The Great Cessation" Every Yob record is an amazing journey and this one is the best yet. Mike S. is singing so awesomely it brings tears to my eyes. Anyone who knows me knows that this is one of my top bands ever. I couldn't imagine them topping "The Unreal Never Lived" but they did and they also set the new standard. I was given advanced high Q mp3s of "The Great Cessation" by Mike S.. This Crushes!

3. Madraso "Van Horne" The new CD is out now and it kick ass. In the vein of Big Black and Jesus Lizard but they take it further and the drumming is fantastic.

4. The Christpunchers "Psalms for a new Dark Age". Available from Unfortunate Miracles Records, and it's pretty hard to find. This is an audio onslaught that tells its own story of sonic sedition and my favorite track "Tread of the Iron Legion" is so heavy that it has its own mass and density.

5. Sly and the Family Stone "Life". I dare anyone not to crack a smile while listening to this record.

Honorable mention goes to Anon Remora from PDX, Black Elk, Lesbian - I can't wait to hear the new one, I have played shows with them and I love their live show sounds. Always a little Edgar Varèse is a pleasure.

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