Thursday, May 10, 2007

Coming Soon

After the breakup of the band TAD I took some time off from music to purge that which was not useful to me anymore. This lead to a personal catharsis of the mind and body and soul. After Hog Molly broke up and the short-lived HOOF (one of my side projects with some old and new friends)It has been quite a while since I have played music live. To all of the TAD and Hog Molly fans out there I am grateful and have some good news for you.

I am putting together a new project and am currently looking for a drummer. If you are familiar with the dark side of metal and rock music or are ready to delve into this realm to blaze some new trails in the heavy music area and are rock solid please contact me on the blog.


Xan said...

I would love to try out for your next project but I live in Birmingham, UK.
I will be at the show when you come to the UK.
Xan Young

Anonymous Communist said...

Here's to wishing I could relocate from central Illinois.

Man, I miss TAD. One of the rock bands I was in in high school covered "Jinx."

smokinpete said...

give steve a call hes the best damn drummer for the job.

Tad Doyle said...

Thanks smokinpete. Steve is the first guy we tried out. We have had two drummers since and they are all great.